YouTube wants its Creators to earn better via Non-Skippable ads

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The Google-owned company YouTube is making it even harder for creators to leave the platform. Seems like the video sharing platform is feeling the heat of rising competition from the emerging rivals like Twitch and has announced that the Non-Skippable ads will be available to all the Creators within its Partner Program.

YouTube Creator Insider
Image: YouTube Creator Insider

The roll out to all onboard the ‘YouTube Partner Program’ will begin next week and creators will receive a notification in their dashboard as a confirmation.

Creators earn better from long, non-skippable ads, but these are currently limited to top creators only, to let them earn better by monetizing their videos with high paying ads. But, YouTube now plans to expand these premium ads to all its creators to help them increase their overall earnings and to make sure that they don’t leave the platform.

YouTube made this announcement right after Twitch announced that it would be cutting the ad-free viewing feature from its Twitch Prime plan, which it described as a way to better support streamers. This clearly indicates that YouTube doesn’t want its creators to leave the platform due to their low earnings by making available better paying non-skippable ads to all the eligible creators.

Once the creators decide to activate the non-skippable ads, the change will also apply to old videos that have been running only the skippable ads, which Google calls as TrueView ads. YouTube will also provide the creators with the bulk editing tool to toggle on or off the non-skippable ad format on their videos.

A new row will be added in YouTube Analytics to help creators track audience engagement and revenue of non-skippable ads. Also, Creators will be able to decide that what type of ads run on their videos, which is a good thing, as few creators are concerned that viewers might not watch the full ad for the video. Further, they can always block ads from specific advertisers as well as entire ad categories via AdSense, which they feel to be irrelevant for their videos.

YouTube limited the non-skippable ads on the platform to 20 seconds in January this year. But still, as they will be now available to all creators onboard the Partner Program, it means that there will be more of such ads on the platform for everyone. This little delay before the videos shouldn’t bother the viewers much, but there are people who don’t like to wait before the video starts. This change might even trigger the increased use of ad blockers and which in turn could defeat the purpose of making non-skippable ads available to every eligible creator.