YouTube Copyright Match Tool will help creators to protect their content

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YouTube introduces new tool that will help the creators to protect their content on the platform. The new tool has been given the name YouTube Copyright Match Tool. YouTube had been testing this new tool with creators for nearly a year to make it safe, effective and easy to use.

YouTube Copyright Match Tool
YouTube Copyright Match Tool

Copyright Match Tool for creators checks if the creators videos are being stolen. Now, as soon as the creators on YouTube will be uploading the videos this new tool will be triggered and scanning the videos to check if the same content already exists. If it finds a video having the same content, then the original or the ‘first creator’ will be notified and they can decide what action to take.

Once this tool finds a match, the creator decides as to what action to take. The creator can either do nothing or he can get in touch with the creator who re-uploaded his work, or he can also directly request YouTube to take down the re-uploaded video from the platform for him. The creator can provide re-uploader with or without a 7 day delay to correct this issue.

To be considered as the original creator you will have to be the first uploader, as per mentioned on YouTube Creators Blog, “It’s important that you’re the first person to upload your video to YouTube. The time of upload is how we determine who should be shown matches.”

This policy for the Copyright Match Tool still leaves the creators’ work less safe, as if the creator uploads a video on other platform like Vimeo, Facebook, Dailymotion etc., and then some other person downloads that video and uploads it on YouTube then according to this policy he will be considered as the original creator, as he is first to upload that video.

YouTube Copyright Match Tool will only identify complete videos and not the clips. If you want a clip of your work or video to be removed, you can always report it via the copyright webform.

Keeping in mind the ‘fair use’ concept, YouTube asked the creators, “You should also consider whether the matched content could be considered fair use or could be subject to some other exceptions to copyright and hence not require permission for reuse.”

Initially, Copyright Match Tool will start rolling out to creators having more than 100k subscribers. The roll out will begin from the next week. Further, YouTube added that they will be expanding this powerful feature to every creator on the platform in coming months.

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Copyright Match Tool is similar to the old ‘Content Id’ feature. Don’t get confused, this new tool is totally different and provides the creators with even more features and would be comparably easier to use too. However, Content Id allows creators to monetize unauthorized upload of work.

The roll out will be interesting to see as the scope for stealing has been trimmed and there will be comparably less spam on the platform.

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