WhatsApp labels forwarded messages to fight fake news spread

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WhatsApp has been trying really hard to keep the platform and its users safe. The company has pushed multiple feature updates in past weeks. Recently, WhatsApp introduced a new feature of allowing admins to restrict other users from posting in the groups or to allow admins only to post in the WhatsApp groups.

WhatsApp Forwarded Message Label
WhatsApp Forwarded Message Label

The latest WhatsApp feature update includes labeling of the forwarded messages in the groups and personal chats to fight the spread of myriad fake news or the viral misinformation issues.

The forwarded label will be applied to the text, images, videos and audio messages.

The rising problems in India of the spread of fake news like rumors of child abduction, child traffickers etc., and similar misuse of the platform had made the company to think about the users safety and to come up with a solution to fight back the spread of misinformation through their platform.

Prior to launch, the feature has been beta tested in the company’s largest market – India and Brazil. Together these two countries give a count of 300 million users to WhatsApp and the rate of spread of misinformation is also high in these two countries.

In Brazil also, there were reports of the spread of misinformation about the yellow fever vaccine through the platform and which made the situation even worse. This might be the reason of pushing this feature update specifically in these two countries first.

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WhatsApp notified about this feature update via the blog post. Also, the team wrote to educate the users, “WhatsApp cares deeply about your safety. We encourage you to think before sharing messages that were forwarded.”