Voice command Alexa to donate by using Amazon Pay balance

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The tech giant, Amazon has announced a new feature for the Alexa i.e., you can now voice command Alexa to donate to any supported charity for you and named it as Alexa Donations.

Alexa Donations

The feature was added to Alexa on April 2 and is powered by Amazon Pay. The amount that the user wants to donate will be pulled out of his Amazon Pay balance and will be donated to his choice of charity, but the charity should be supported or it should be listed in the list of the supported charity.

You can use the feature by saying, “Alexa, donate $50 to ‘supported charity name”, or you can also ask Alexa to simply donate and then Alexa will ask you for the amount to be donated and to pick the name of the charity. Your Amazon Pay balance will be used to complete the request or donation.

As of now, the list of supported charity extends to 48, which includes groups like Tor project, Wikimedia Foundation among others. “This is just the beginning — this list will continue to grow.”, Amazon said in a press release.

The company shared, that the users have already been donating using their Amazon Pay balance and the donations are expected to increase after the launch of this easy to use feature.