‘The Man’ has completed the Twitter Challenge – deletes FB pages

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Seems like it wasn’t just a bad day for the social media giant, Facebook, but is a bad week instead.

Elon Musk SpaceX
Elon Musk

Facebook has already been receiving a great deal of bad press and facing rage of the users from all over the world because of the massive data-breach and now ‘The Man’, Elon Musk has also deleted the Facebook pages of SpaceX and Tesla.

This all happened because of the remark of ‘The Man’!

After receiving this tweet, Elon Musk deleted the FB page of SpaceX. But, this was not it!

Later, one Twitter user tweeted with a picture that the Facebook page of Tesla needs also be removed, to which he replied, “Definitely. Looks lame anyway.”, and deleted it too, completing the Twitter challenge!

Both of the pages had near about 2.6 million fans on Facebook, but now both of the pages are inactive.

Well, to me, this doesn’t look to be going in the right direction for the Facebook and if this pace of the anger among the users continued, then as stated in my previous article also, this may be the beginning of the downfall of Facebook from the tag of the social media giant!

One thing for sure, the ‘#deletefacebook’ hashtag has been gathering a lot of buzz and it will be really interesting to see that how far this goes.

However, Elon Musk has not deleted Facebook owned Instagram yet and have not even given any signals to do the same.

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