The Force of Life

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There is a pattern of thoughts that affects our life throughout the time we live in this world. Most of us are so indulged in our lives that we hardly find time to focus on anything except the material consumption that this world has to offer.

There is a life for most of us, and the ones who would be reading this article would be the ones who would actually be lucky enough to have a good start in life. Today’s life, though it is a pure Marxian narrative (this author Actually believes that after Buddha, he has been the actual messenger to the people), we fail to believe that how impacting is the role of our finances that shapes our mind and our lives. There is a whole way of life the Behavioural Economics defines, which is a reality verified by the Mr. Richard Thaler.

Ever viewed your life from the perspective that actually makes a difference?

Thus, in the spree of materials that we live in, there is a whole lot of confusion that demurs and blurs before us the actual meaning of this life. No, please don’t go to the narratives of the religious/spiritual preachers. Life and to live definitely does not mean the slavery of any hysteric perceptions of the people of our past who were afraid to accord the respect deserved by a word ‘existence’. This is not the expanded human right to life, but it is the vast domain of the person and property of a man, that includes his thoughts, deep down within.

Narrative of general life in the Oriental society (purely because of the fact that we have a huge population competing to survive) grow up enough to be able to make a living. The concept of livelihood is purely the reason to live! The concept of workmanship is a late entrant into our workplace ethics. Thus, we start with confusion, and are thrown in the fray just to make a living, nothing else, what do we do, why do we do it, and how do we do it, doesn’t actually matter. This is a story that deserves a mention is some forms, to be existing in every modern day economy. Yet, there are people who achieve distinct places for themselves in the mankind.

Such people are often defined by why do they do whatever they do, not by how and what/how do they do it. The force of life, is what we need to actually find rather than focusing on perishable things.

The materials are mend to aid our life, and the sole purpose of existence, therefore, cannot be material pursuits.

Negative emotions are more common than positive onesAll of us have, and endure grudges, have we ever experienced in our lives, that actually how beautiful will it be like for us to live a life where there is no confusion in our minds pertaining to things that are ugly.

Accepting responsibility, honouring our commitments, and delivering on our lives.

Peace SymbolRespecting our elders, being satisfied of their life and concentrated on why they do whatever they do. We will happier if we are more focused on the brighter side of life. The real life.

Finding as much as peace needed.

Thus, living a life like a dream.