Spotify plans of coming to India within the next 6 months

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Spotify plans to expand into India within the next 6 months

According to Variety, Spotify is planning to expand into India within the next 6 months. The same has been confirmed by Bloomberg with unnamed sources. The uncertain sources say that the streaming service has already cleared majority of deals, but still few are left with the major music right holders in India.

With a population of 1.3 billion, India is certainly one of the biggest and fastest growing music markets across the globe. Spotify is eyeing to capture this gigantic audience by launching its streaming services.

As per sources, initially, Spotify will offer a free trial period to the Indian audience. The duration is expected to be longer than usual and the users will be provided with full access to the streaming service. The company might be providing its streaming services for longer duration and with full access to let the users be familiar with the features and then turn them into the paid subscribers.

However, with the rivals like Amazon Music, Jio Music, Gaana,¬†Saavn, Apple Music, Google Play Music, already playing for fairly long duration, it won’t be an easy market for Spotify. As per reports, about 100 million individuals in India use streaming service and very few of them subscribe to the paid plans. Also, a significantly large number of people use YouTube to steam music for free in the country.

There are many more challenges for Spotify like only a small amount of people in India own Credit Card and due to which the company has to re-think for the payment part. Few sources reveals, Spotify is already working on the payment parts.

Different languages, fragmented music rights, unusual search behavior, and rivals already playing since quite a longer duration. The odds don’t really look very good for Spotify! However, the company is most likely to solve all these challenges and many more within 6 months or before the launch.

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