Alexa’s Announcement broadcast feature is now available to third parties

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Amazon has made Alexa’s Announcement broadcast feature available to the third party devices like Sonos speakers. The Announcement feature, which lets its users to broadcast their voice messages came to Alexa in April, but is now also available to other Alexa-enabled devices like for Sonos speakers – the One and the Beam and other devices┬álike the Ecobee4 smart thermostat and Switch+ smart light switch.


The Announcement feature is like a one-way intercom, which lets its user to broadcast the message to every Alexa-enabled devices in the house or office. Simple commands like “Alexa, broadcast that it’s time for homework” can trigger the feature. However, there are other ways as well through which an user can use this feature like “Alexa, announce that …” and “Alexa tell everyone that lunch is ready”.

Alexa basically records the message and then broadcast it, but sometimes, it has been noticed that when an user doesn’t speak clearly, the message becomes quite hard to understand for others.

Alexa app also allows its users to exclude devices on which they don’t want to make announcements. If suppose you have a message that doesn’t have to do with some family members, then you can go simply go to the app and select Devices and then turn on the ‘Do Not Disturb’ feature for those devices.

The broadcasting feature is already there for the Google Assistant-enabled devices since November, 2017, and which works just like the Alexa Announcement, but is available to comparably more devices, so Amazon is trying to catch-up by making its Announcement feature available to third-party devices as well.