Pokémon Go introduces Adventure Sync to record your steps in the background

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Niantic has introduced yet another amazing feature for the Pokémon Go that will help the players to get more from the game and that too without even taking out the phone!

Niantic has introduced Adventure Sync which records players’ step in the background. The feature also syncs in the background with HealthKit on iOS and Android’s Google Fit to give the players access to a weekly summary that highlights distance traveled on foot and other stats.

Pokémon Go Adventure Sync
Image: Niantic

The official Niantic blog post reads –

Today, we’re excited to introduce Adventure Sync, a new Niantic Real World Platform gameplay system that will give our players even more reasons to get outside, explore the world and lead more active lifestyles. Adventure Sync, which is first being implemented in Pokémon GO, gives players the ability to record their steps with just the phone in their pockets. This key feature unlocks a wide variety of gameplay opportunities on the Niantic Real World Platform, serving as an efficient and phone-friendly high-engagement tool that inspires players to head out into their local communities. We’re looking forward to finding new and exciting ways to implement it in our other games in the future.

Niantic also said that the Adventure Sync feature is first implemented to Pokémon Go and also added that they are exploring new and exciting ways to implement this feature in other games as well in the future.

However, there hasn’t been any clarity over the roll-out of the feature as to when will it begin. The company only said that the new feature update will begin roll-out to the players globally soon!

The game is receiving major updates even after 2 years of it’s release and has a decent player numbers associated with its name! It will be interesting to see how the players or trainers react to Adventure Sync feature update.