Pirelli P Zero Sound specs, colors and price

The Italian tyre manufacturer, Pirelli has launched an F1 wheel-shaped Bluetooth speaker, P Zero Sound. It might become the absolute favorite of the F1 fans because of it’s looks and feel.

Pirelli’s new Bluetooth speaker resembles its Wind Tunnel Tyre, the scaled-down replica of P Zero racing tyre. The Wind Tunnel tyre is used by the F1 teams during the aerodynamic testing of the half-size model cars in wind tunnel.

Pirelli P Zero Sound

Pirelli P Zero Sound
Speaker in Orange Color

Pirelli has partnered with the audio experts at IXOOST to manufacture this F1 wheel-shaped Bluetooth Speaker. IXOOST is a Modena, Italy, based speaker manufacturer. IXOOST has a reputation of manufacturing majorly expensive motorsports-themed speaker systems.

Both companies often come out with some unique things for their fans!

Now, let’s discuss the specs of this beauty!


The all-new Bluetooth speaker measures 12.9 inches in diameter, weighs 8 kg. It features a 100-watt amplifier, a 100 mm mid-woofer, and a 25 mm silk tweeter. Not to forget, this speaker also comes with Bluetooth 4.0 with AptX for wireless connectivity.

Pirelli P Zero Sound specs

Specs in tabular format:-

  • On/off button
  • Antenna
Weight8 Kg
Dimensions330 x 190 mm
Remote ConnectivityBluetooth® 4.0 – aptX® decoding
Thermal protection systemYes
Diffusers Drivers
  • 1 x 1″ tweeter
  • 1 x 6.5″ midbass
Actual Frequency Response45 – 22.000 Hz
Power Amps1 amp 1 × 100 watt – Tweeter/midrange
Power Supply110V – 240V ~ 50/60Hz – PCF
0,5 W draw

Colors and their Meaning

For those who don’t follow F1, this speaker might look ugly to them and that too in all the colors!

But, the F1 fans can understand that every color associated with this speaker has a special meaning, and which makes it even more beautiful.

Think for those F1 fans who have decorated their rooms in the F1 theme. This speaker will be a wonderful addition to their room and is going to bring more life to it!

Looks like Pirelli knows how to pull a smile on their fans’ faces!

Here’s what the colors mean:-

ColorTyre TypeSpeedTrack Type
PinkHyper-SoftFastest Tyre with the shortest lifespanDry
PurpleUltra-SoftFast (slower than Pink)Dry
RedSuper-SoftFast (slower than Purple)Dry
YellowSoftFast (slower than Red, but has better lifespan)Medium Dry
WhiteMediumSlower than YellowSoft Dry
Ice BlueHardSlower than WhiteDry
OrangeSuper HardSlowestDry
GreenIntermediateIntermediateMildly Wet Track (or in changing conditions)
Wet BlueWet TyreIn rain and standing water conditionsWet Track

Know this:-

  • The softer the tyre is, the faster it will be. And, a tyre loses speed as it gets harder. But, hard tyres have a better lifespan than the softer ones.
  • Pirelli releases a new set of tyres every year. So, it is highly likely that the details associated with these colors might change next year. This speaker was launched in 2018. So, the colors and details mentioned in the above table refer to the set of tyres they had released in 2018.


The speaker has quite impressive specs that can keep you entertained in your F1 themed room, or, while you do the heavy job in the garage. But, also has a price tag that is even greater than a real Pirelli tyre!

Pirelli P Zero Sound costs 2,400 Euros, equivalent to about $2,800, and you can buy it from IXOOST‘s website.

Although, it comes in nine different colors, but misses a real rubber racing tyre, which could have made it even more beautiful!

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