Now you can ask Alexa to set up alerts for your favorite artists

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According to a press release, Amazon Music’s New Release will be using Alexa to notify the Amazon Music Subscribers. It will be easier for the users to notice the new releases, as Alexa will show a yellow ring on Echo Devices as soon as a new song or album releases. Also, the notifications will be sent via Amazon Music iOS and Android apps.

Alexa New Release Notifications
Image: Amazon

For the first time, New Release Notifications was announced in September during the Amazon‘s Hardware Event.

As soon as the user receives the notification of a new release, he/she will immediately be able to listen to the latest track or album.

Also, the feature is not limited only to your favorite artists or those artists you know, but you can also ask Alexa to setup alerts for a new artist that you come over while browsing on Amazon Music. As soon as you find out your new favorite, you can voice command Alexa like “Alexa, follow this artist” and “Alexa, notify me when this artist releases a new album or song.”

This new notifications feature update has already started to roll-out in United States.