Mozilla releases Firefox 63 with Enhanced Tracking Protection

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Mozilla has released the Firefox 63 with Enhanced Tracking Protection to increase users’ online privacy by blocking third-party cookies. Mozilla is taking users’ privacy really seriously and have pushed several updates in recent months, from blocking ad-tracking software by default to partnering with ProtonVPN and now introducing the Enhanced Tracking Protection feature.

Mozilla Firefox
Mozilla Firefox

Currently, Mozilla has decided to keep the Enhanced Tracking Protection feature turned off by default. The users need to first update their Firefox installation and then they will have to toggle on this feature manually to block third-party tracking cookies or block all trackers.

Further, Mozilla has also provided the users with an option to add exceptions for websites they trust. So, if some websites break after toggling on Enhanced Tracking Protection feature, they can simply add those websites to the list of trusted websites. Mozilla also discussed about breaking of small websites in their detailed blog post and wrote –

because the feature blocks everything, including ads, from any domain that is also used for tracking, it can have a significant negative impact on small websites and content creators who depend on third-party advertising tools/networks. Because small site owners cannot change how these third-party tools operate in order to adhere to Disconnect’s policy to be removed from the tracker list, the revenue impact may hurt content creation and accessibility in the medium to long-term, which is not our intent.

Siri Shortcuts are now available for iOS users and they will now be able to open a new tab via voice commands. Also, the browser will now adapt to match the users’ dark or light theme settings that they are using on their Windows machine.

The latest version of Mozilla Firefox can be downloaded from here.