Microsoft to update Notepad app in next major Windows 10 update

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We all have been using Windows Notepad app for various purposes like for development, logs, or simple text manipulation since quite long, but also missing some features. After not getting a single update in years, Microsoft has finally decided to update Notepad app with surprising amount of features in their next major Windows 10 update, currently codenamed as Redstone 5.

Notepad update
Notepad update

Microsoft has been giving final touches to several features that will be the part of the Notepad app update. The updated Notepad app will be capable of deleting a previous word by pressing CTRL+Backspace, which indeed is one of the most awaited features.

The upcoming Notepad app update will include mostly the highly requested features which Microsoft was receiving since a quite while.

Redstone 5 will make the Notepad app to allow its users to do wrap around find and replace. The users will also be able to zoom into text by holding the CTRL key and moving the mouse wheel up and down to zoom in and out respectively.

Notepad zoom feature
Notepad zoom feature

The status bar will be visible by default and will display line and column numbers when the word-wrap is enabled. The users will also be able to turn off the status bar from view menu.

Windows Notepad update - line numbers with word-wrap
Windows Notepad update – line numbers with word-wrap

The new update will include the ‘in extended line ending support’, because of which Notepad will support Unix/ Linux line endings (LF) and Macintosh line endings (CR). You can also run a word search on Bing through Notepad by simply right clicking on the word and then choosing the option from the list.

Additional Notepad features include –

  • Microsoft has improved the performance of the Notepad, so that it will be able to open large files.
  • Arrow keys now correctly unselect text first and then move the cursor.
  • The line and column number will no longer be resetted to zero after saving a file in Notepad.
  • Notepad now displays lines correctly that do not entirely fit on the screen.

Not only this, Microsoft have given a chance to its users to provide them with feedback to make Notepad even better and with more features.

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Stay tuned for more tech updates.