Microsoft begins testing Your Phone app for Windows 10

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Microsoft begins testing its all new Your Phone app for Windows 10, that will enable users to sync their phone’s content to a PC. Currently, we use several data transferring methods to share or move phone’s content to our Windows PC, but with the launch of Your Phone app, users will be able to sync their content easily with drag and drop ability.

The app will be made available to the Android users first and is compatible with Android 7 and above versions. Initially, Android users will be able to drag and drop their recent photos straight to Windows apps like Office apps. Not only this, the software giant is also planning to make the app able to sync text messages and notifications from phone to PC.

Your Phone Windows 10 app

According to official blog post, “To light up this experience, open Your Phone app. You will receive an app from Microsoft which you must download to your mobile phone and follow the setup prompts.”

Services of the newly introduced app will be expanded to the iPhone users shortly. Also, Microsoft mentioned that the app will be made available to PCs tied to the China region in near future.

The company unveiled the app for the first time at the Build Developer Conference, back in May. The app is being tested as part of next major Windows 10 update, codenamed as Redstone 5, which is expected to roll out in October. The software giant is also updating Skype with much awaited call recording feature.