In a crackdown, Twitter suspends 70 million accounts in May and June

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With a suspension rate twice to what Twitter had in October 2017, the company had suspended about 70 million malicious accounts in past 2 months – May and June. This crackdown was launched to pull down accounts which were engaged in malicious activities on Twitter.

Twitter suspends 70 million accounts
Twitter suspends 70 million accounts

After receiving a lot of criticism for their lax efforts to pull down the bad user accounts or the abusive users, Twitter finally launched a massive crackdown to make the platform safe and to protect their good user base.

Twitter said in a blog post last month, “In May 2018, our systems identified and challenged more than 9.9 million potentially spammy or automated accounts per week.”, and that they had been working to improve their safety policies.

According to Twitter, this crackdown or the ongoing information quality efforts have negatively impacted their total user base, but still didn’t affect much company’s active users count, as many of the suspended Twitter accounts had rarely Tweeted.

Social media giants have now started to feel the immense pressure from users to stop the trolls and spam. This crackdown by Twitter is also one fine example that companies like Twitter and Facebook don’t want to loose the tag of Social media giants. However, this can’t be the last step to fight the abuse or malicious activities on the platforms and they will have to launch such gigantic crackdowns more frequently.

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After Facebook data fiasco, the social media giants are acting serious and planning ahead to avoid any such scandal. Well, the users still can only hope that they and their data is/are safe, but by learning more about internet and how to use it safely, they surely can mitigate the losses when next data privacy fiasco happens.

Stay tuned for more such tech updates.