How many cameras do it require for building awareness!

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Kisan Baburao Hazare, an 80 years old Indian social activist, or who is popularly known as Anna Hazare, is once again at indefinite hunger strike and in the very first three days only he has lost 3kg of his weight.

But, what in actual has forced him to call this indefinite hunger strike?

Anna Hazare at Ramlila Maidan
Anna Hazare

Its the minimum support price for the farmers that they have been demanding and have received support from Anna Hazare.

There is also one more reason of his strike i.e., his old chant – appointment of Lokayukta at the centre.

I am not sure that what kind of a response the farmers may get from the centre government, but the government does need to take the call for the appointment of Lokayukta at the centre really very seriously, because last time I checked the government which didn’t take this call seriously is no more in power and BJP made a promise before the elections, that they will be appointing the Lokpal after forming their government at the centre.

But seems like all is same with this government too and they also didn’t appoint Lokpal!

But there is a major difference that Anna Hazare has mentioned, “Last time (in 2011) there were 7 cameras, but this time only 1”.

BJP had launched a gigantic promotional campaign before forming the government at the centre and they didn’t leave a single topic back then that could help them to pull Congress out of power, in which they succeeded too.

But the question arises here is, was it BJP last time in 2011 that fueled the awareness about the agitation led by Anna Hazare?

I think so! Because, if it wasn’t BJP then why there is just 1 camera to report at the Ramlila Maidan in New Delhi this time?

It smells like all politics, everywhere!

So, it for sure requires more than 1 camera to build awareness or let me correct myself, it requires a political party that wants to come into power so badly and have a mammoth marketing budget to support anyone or any group who are also trying to fight their rivals but for their own concerns.

This time, we have Congress party just like we had BJP last time, but they aren’t so comfortable with Lokpal to be appointed at the centre and with other demands of Anna Hazare either, atleast as it looks.

Well, I am not accusing BJP for using media for their own benefits or in any other way, but I wanted to know the reason as to why this time his agitation for the right causes is not gathering the same amount of buzz like it got back in 2011. Despite the fact that Anna Hazare has more fans than he use to had in 2011. So, if you can help in finding the reason behind this then please use the comment box below. I will be more than happy to learn from your side.

Last words, I don’t follow any party, but I do appreciate the good and criticize the bad.