Here is how only Group Admins can send messages in WhatsApp groups

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WhatsApp Admins Only Group Chat Feature
WhatsApp Admins Only Group Chat Feature

Facebook owned WhatsApp have added a new feature to their Group Chats module. The new feature or this setting now enables the Group Admins to restrict other users from sending messages. Instead, they have launched this feature through which Group Admins will only be able to send messages to the group and the other members of that group would only be able to read those messages.

WhatsApp knows that how incredibly beneficial could be WhatsApp groups and keeping that in mind, they frequently push updates for the same.

However, it has been noticed that sometimes WhatsApp Groups irritates the users by keep receiving lots of messages or when the whole group starts to communicate.

So, for the functional groups on WhatsApp this setting will prove to be a great tool for sure, as the Group Admins will now be able to cut the crap out by restricting other users from sending any messages and keeping the group relevant and to the topic through out for their group members.

Recently, WhatsApp introduced an anti-spam and a catch up feature that helps to find the user replies and mentions.

How to enable Admins Only setting for WhatsApp Group?

Now, its time to teach you the main thing i.e., how to enable this newly launched feature. Well, its not that hard.

To enable Admin Only setting on WhatsApp – Go to “Group Info” in a group chat and then go to Group Settings > Send Messages and Mark “Only Admins.”

Guess what, you are done!

Admin Only feature is rolling out to all users globally on the latest supported versions of the WhatsApp.

Official announcement of this feature update by WhatsApp can be read here.

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