Google tweets that Gmail has 1.5+ billion users on board

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Google has just informed on Twitter that Gmail has 1.5 Billion users on board and counting which is truly astounding. By this mammoth figure we can say that 1 in 5 people on Earth is using Gmail right now!


However, this simply doesn’t mean that there are 1.5 Billion individuals are using Gmail right now. Take this as example – If I have 10 Gmail accounts (and counting 😛 ) then I am 10 in that 1.5 billion users, because every account is considered as an user.

About three years ago, Google claimed that Gmail had over 1 Billion users on board and now the tweet about crossing the mark of 1.5 Billion users simply translates that the tech giant is heading steadily while dominating the Mailing domain.

The revamped web version of Gmail has even cleaner email UI with some really handy features and which I am considering as one of the factor that helped the giant to continue the steady King’s walk.

Yesterday, Google announced a G Suite Trick for the users to let them access the apps under the G Suite’s umbrella easily and really fast. Do give it a read!

The alternatives to Google do exist but there aren’t much which can be called as the ‘competitors’! Last month, CloudMagic also pulled down their much loved email app, Newton. Newton was a subscription-based premium email app, and which had about 40,000 users on board when the company announced its shut down. However, Newton’s users used to love it the app because of its unique and useful features.