Following EU antitrust decision, DuckDuckGo comes up with fresh allegations

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Following the EU antitrust decision and fining Google a whooping $5 billion for its anti-competitive behavior such as illegally tying Chrome and search apps with its Android products, the rival search engine DuckDuckGo highlights that the search giant’s anti competitive behavior goes even deeper!


Seems like DuckDuckGo was patiently waiting for such an opportunity to put light on Google’s anti-competitive behavior. As a response to the EU antitrust decision, DuckDuckGo alleges in a series of tweets that the Google’s “anti-competitive search behavior isn’t limited to Android,” and it exists with other products as well.

DuckDuckGo tweeted about Chrome by saying, “Every time we update our Chrome browser extension, all of our users are faced with an official-looking dialogue, asking them if they’d like to revert their search settings and disable the entire extension.”

Not only that, the company also pointed out that Google owns ‘’ and which points directly to Google Search, which consistently confuses the potential users of the lesser-known search engine.

Acting fast to the DuckDuckGo allegations, Google has already changed the redirection of from Google search to ‘’ domain name. Meaning, the controversial domain name no more redirects to the Google Search.

Here is how the new redirected page looks like –

Google On2 technologies
Google On2 technologies

Now, whenever a user types in their browser, the domain redirects to the Google page stating that, “Google acquired On2 Technologies and its video products and technology in February 2010.”

The new redirected page now even shows link to DuckDuckGo!

This controversial domain was registered before either of the company came into existence! Google was founded on September 4, 1998 and DuckDuckGo was launched on September 25, 2008, whereas was registered for the first time in 1995.

Google owns domain name
Google owns domain name. Source –

The new redirected page also states that, “Please note that On2 was previously called the Duck Corporation. So if you typed, you are redirected to”, to give the users an idea about when the domain name came under Google’s ownership.

If you would like to check redirection by yourself, then you can go to and enter, choose July 19, 2018 as the date. As soon as you choose the date, the site will show you a message, “redirecting to”. redirects to Google Search redirects to Google Search

DuckDuckGo has come out at a very crucial point of time for Google and have provided with quite strong points, highlighting Google’s anti-competitive behavior in real!

First Facebook and now Google, 2018 seems to be a challenging year for the tech giants!

Update: Google has given up the ownership and rights of to DuckDuckGo and now the controversial domain redirects to This settles the decade old dispute between these 2 search giants!