Google adds a ‘.new’ shortcut to create new G Suite files

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Google has simplified the procedure to create new G Suite files and you’ll now be able to create new files really easy and fast. The new method or G Suite trick introduced by Google works really smooth and it doesn’t only cut a few steps but is also incredibly easy to use.

Previously, you were required to navigate to the concerning G Suite app you wanted to use and click on “new” to begin a fresh project, which is really boring and consumes some clicks as well as time!

But Now, all you need to do is add a ‘.new’ to the app you want to use in the URL address bar of your browser and guess what, you are all set to go!

Here’s how you can use this trick the next time you need to use any app of G Suite –

Docs can be created with domains, or; Sheets with,, or; Slides with,,, or; Forms with or; and Sites with,, or

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