Gmail iOS app now lets you see emails from all accounts at once

Google has made it easier for the iOS users to check emails from multiple accounts at once. Previously, the users were required to toggle or switch accounts so as to view inboxes of different accounts, but with the new feature update, the iOS users will be able to pull all the emails from multiple accounts on to a single or universal inbox.

The feature is similar to what the Android users already had.

Gmail iOS app feature update
Image: Google

According to the blog post published on the official G Suite blog, “You can view email from multiple accounts, be it your work or personal, G Suite or non-G Suite (even third-party IMAP accounts), in the Gmail iOS app.”

Be sure to add all your Gmail accounts to the app to use this new feature on your iOS device.

To view the emails from all your accounts at once, you need to select the ‘All Inboxes’ option from the left-hand side drawer. As soon as you tap on the option, all your emails will be pulled onto to a single or universal inbox and from where you can easily check or view them.

Also, users need not worry about emails getting shared between accounts, because Google says that no emails will be shared between your accounts.

The feature update will be available to all the users globally within 15 days.

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