French lawmakers prohibit use of smartphones in schools

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French officials don’t want school going children to use smartphones too much and especially in school hours. On Monday, lawmakers came to a conclusion that students under the age of 15 must leave their phones at home or to at least have them switched off during the school hours.

Kids using smartphones
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Not limited to the smartphones, the new rule also prohibits the use of tablets, computers and other internet-connected devices as well. However, lawmakers gave freedom to high schools to decide whether they want to impose the ban. The ban excludes exceptional cases as well, like students with disabilities and using internet-connected devices in classrooms for educational purposes and in extra-curricular activities.

The rule will come into effect as the new academic year begins in September. By banning the use of smartphones in schools, French President Emmanuel Macron has fulfilled his campaign promise and tweeted, “Commitment held”, after the measure was passed.

This is not the first step by French officials towards banning the use of smartphones in schools. In 2010, lawmakers prohibited the use of smartphones during all teaching activity. Also, earlier this year, French lawmakers banned texting in the car and even when you’re pulled over on the either of the road, instead, they want you to park your vehicle in a designated parking area and then use your cellphone for texting.