Facebook starts banning bad businesses from advertising

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Facebook rolled out a latest policy update globally today that will ban the bad businesses from advertising on the platform. After receiving a gigantic bad press due to recent privacy fiasco, Facebook has been taking some strict actions to keep its users safe, this being +1 into that list.

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According to this newly launched policy, the users will be able to file a complain about their recent purchase against a particular business if they are not satisfied with their purchase or if they have not received the services/products as per the description. After receiving uncertain (to us) amount of complains against any business Facebook will ban the business from further advertising on the platform.

This measure has been taken to fight another kind of advertising abuse on the social media giant and to which Facebook added, that they are trying to combat ‘bad shopping experiences’ which can frustrate customers with the business and social media.

In particular, the areas that have pulled the interest of Facebook are – shipping times, product quality, and customer service. If the business continues to provide bad services or keep receiving complains then Facebook may ban them from advertising.

Initially, it looks like Facebook will be asking the customers to provide them feedback regarding their recent purchase after clicking on an advertisement and making a successful purchase. The users would also be able to see those businesses and leave a feedback via theĀ Ads Activity page.

After receiving enough complains, Facebook will be notifying the businesses asking them to take preventive measures or to mitigate the overall customer dissatisfaction. If even after the notification the businesses keep on receiving bad reviews or complains then Facebook will be putting on some kind of restrictions or even a ban on such businesses from advertising.

Customers can now raise their voice with even more power to get what they deserve. This might not be enough to keep the customers absolutely safe but is still an appreciable step, as it surely can mitigate the frauds that happen through Facebook advertising.

Keep coming for more updates on Facebook and its products / services.