Facebook Messenger gets new feature to translate between English and Spanish

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Having problem translating Spanish to English or vice versa? Well, Facebook Messenger can now automatically translate messages between English and Spanish as a part of all new M Translation feature that Facebook has just added to their Messenger App.

Facebook Messenger Translations
Facebook Messenger Translations Feature

The new translation feature gets triggered as soon as the user receives a message in a language other than his default selection. Facebook Messenger’s M bot will show up as a pop up and will offer user the feature to translate between English and Spanish.

This all new Messenger’s Translations feature should be available for the users living in US and Mexico.

M Translations is a +1 to the list of existing M Suggestions features that are already the part of Messenger. M Suggestions carries out a various a tasks like quick replies, polls among others.

The feature of translations was previously available to only users in Marketplace Transactions. Now, Facebook has decided to also make it available to all standard Facebook Messenger conversations.

As of now, the all new Messenger Translations feature only supports Spanish and English and apparently Facebook has already started to add more to the list of supported languages and will start rolling the updates in few upcoming weeks or months.

Stay tuned for more tech updates.