Facebook data-breach or was it a hack?

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The social media giant has landed in trouble, but what in actual is this controversy is all about?

Well, first of all let us clear the dilemma over this so called controversy that whether its a data-breach (a massive one) or its a hack?

data breach

A data analytics firm named as Cambridge Analytica extracted the sensitive data of around 50 million Facebook users and is suspected to use the same in the elections for the POTUS and even for other purposes. This massive breached happened without even Facebook having any clue and that how the CA app on Facebook extracted this much sensitive data, however, there were about 50 million wake up calls for Facebook to strengthen the security for its users and come up with some even stronger protocols.

The CA app stands suspended and so do the Cambridge Analytica’s CEO Alexander Nix for illegally extracting the users data from Facebook.

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook has apologized for the incident and gave assurity to the users that they are looking into this matter and will take every possible step to eliminate any future possibility of such events.

Being said that, the data firms can expect some stern rules to abide on their way and not only that governments across the globe are also considering this as a wake up call and may come up with some rules in turn for Facebook.

As of now, it can be said that this wasn’t a hack but a data-breach or let me clear it a bit, a massive data-breach.

Facebook has been receiving a great deal of bad press and as said above, they will work on forming some very stern protocols for all the apps live on Facebook. If not, then this may be the starting point of the downfall of Facebook from the tag of social media giant and an opportunity so great for any other social media website to claim this tag which it may not be able to claim afterwards.