Dragon Ball Super episode 131 leaks, spoilers, release date

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Another saga of one of the best anime series Dragon Ball Super has come to its climax and the fans can’t resist to search more and more about the much ‘hyped last episode’.

Goku - until we meet again!

In the episode 130, Goku was able to give back the taste of overwhelming power to Jiren by stepping into the mighty state of Mastered Ultra Instinct and even stunned the gods by this act of his.

But after the half of the episode was gone, Goku paid a great price for surpass his limits and this happened when he was about to eliminate the last of Universe 11 contestant.

Enough of the talks about the last episode, already!

Now, coming to the DBS episode 131, as the preview shows, 17 and Frieza have formed a team and trying to kick Jiren out of the bounds but, he is Jiren!

As per sources, Jiren is still too much for 17 and Frieza even after teaming up. However, Neither Jiren nor the team will be able to eliminate each other and finally as the preview shows Goku once again will get up and that is when he will be kicking Jiren out of the ring.

Guess what, Universe 7 wins!

Yes, you heard it right. I mean common, do you really think the main character, Goku can be erased. No, not even Zeno sama can ūüėõ .

But here is the evil part, Goku, being a good soul and who has received multiple helps from Frieza in the Tournament of Power will give his chance to Frieza to wish anything using the Super Dragon Balls.

To me, this is exactly the place when the creators will be establishing the grounds for the next saga. So many people are chanting that it will be happy ending, but this is not gonna happen.

Well, TOEI has a record of surprising the spoiler makers by coming up with entirely different plot. So, asking me then waiting for the March 25 is the best option.

Being said that, I have revealed the Dragon Ball Super episode 131 release date and it is not really far from now.

Also, in the last episode i.e., episode 131, the creators are going to share about the next Dragon Ball movie coming this December, 2018. I know you can’t wait that long, even I can’t, but have to wait.

Stay tuned to get more spoilers, leaks and other stuff about the Dragon ball movie, the next installment.