Delhi budget crosses 50,000 crore for the first time

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Finance Minister of Delhi, Manish Sisodia presented the 4th budget of the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), for the Delhi. The total budget is 53,000 crore, which is for the time that the Delhi’s budget crossed the figure of 50,000 crore.


The budget for 2018-19 fiscal is gathering a lot of buzz due to gigantic size and also because of the continued focus of the government to improve the education system in the national capital by allotting 26% of the budget to the education sector, which takes it to whopping 13,997 crore.

Let’s just pray that it all get used for the welfare for the education system only and for the welfare of some politician, VVIP or any other ‘not so development focused sector’.

In the last 3 years, the budget has increased by 23,000 crore and allocations for the education sector has increased significantly.

Out of 53,000 crore, 6,729 crore has been allocated to the health sector, which is 12% of the budget. A ‘Health insurance for all’ scheme will be launched and 100 crore has been allocated to it with 16 bike ambulances and 403 crore will be allocated to ‘Mohalla’ and poly clinics.

M. Sisodia, said that for the target of 1000 mohalla clinics, 160 such facilities has already been established till December 31.

More about the Delhi 2018-19 budget will be posted here soon.