Dark Sky update exuberantly tries to introduce remarkable features

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With the launch of the updated version, Dark Sky has exuberantly tried to bring some of the remarkable changes in the features along with functionality and focused devotedly on the Unified Timeline for both iOS and Android users.

Dark Sky App
Image: Dark Sky

Previously, the forecast used to get separated onto separate pages. There used to be a simple bar graph to show you the rainfall predictions along with the rainfall percentage to the right of the hour blocks.

With the updated version, the current weather conditions, next hour rain forecast, next week and next 24 hours forecast will now appear on a single scrollable ‘Unified Timeline’.  This will let users have a quick and thorough glance at the forecast – like what will happen in the next minutes & hours and upcoming days and week. The old bar graph has been replaced with an animated chart that displays the rainfall percentage within a circle. This helps in better visualization of the flow of rainfall over the hours ahead.

Also, the updated app offers an improved set of notifications, allowing one to toggle on or off things as per needs and preferences.

Another big fix, and one that was prompted by users’ feedback, was Dark Sky’s lack of support for saved locations. That’s now been addressed with this new release, where the users can manage locations from the Search screen.

Further, Dark Sky has tried its level best to completely rewrite the internals of the app from the scratch for the iOS users. The app team has also promised to bring more frequent updates to the app to meet the users’ suggestions and expectations.

The only qualm about the changes is that the day’s high and low temps will now be given less importance. They will now appear in small italics above the animated chart, making them ‘easier to miss’.

Existing users can upgrade the app free of cost. The app is a free download on Android (with in-app purchases), and a $3.99 paid app on iOS. It’s available in the U.S., U.K, and Ireland.