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Searching for Best Cheap Car Speakers in India?

Well, you have landed on the right page as on this page we have compiled a list of 5 Best Car Speakers under 5000 in India!

Sometimes, it becomes extremely difficult to choose the best car speakers out of all the options available in the market! So, to make this process easy, we are going to discuss only the 5 car speakers that according to us are the best in the budget of 5K INR.

Please take note of this that the list represents our views, opinions, internet search, and personal experience. So, it is possible that you might not like some products on this list or the list entirely!

These are the 5 Best Car Speakers Under 5000 in India:-

1. JBL A500HI 500W 3-Way Pair of Coaxial Car Speakers

best car speaker under 5000 in india

Without any doubt, JBL is one of the most loved brands in India. This 3-Way Coaxial car speaker is certainly among the most powerful car speakers under 5000.

This car speaker comes with a maximum power output of 500 Watts, which is pretty impressive for this price segment! It has a Sensitivity of 92 dB and an Impedance of 4 Ohms.

It is capable of giving you a Nominal Power Output of 75 Watts RMS. The frequency response of JBL A500HI ranges from 45 Hz ~ 20 Hz.

These wonderful specs make this speaker capable of delivering deeper bass and the vocals sound so clear that you’re going to fell in love with this piece!


  1. Model:- A500HI
  2. Weight:- 3 Kg
  3. Dimensions:- 39 x 28 x 14 cm
  4. Speaker Connectivity:- Coaxial
  5. Maximum Power Output:- 500 Watts
  6. Nominal Power Output: 75 Watts RMS
  7. Frequency Response:- 45 Hz ~ 20 kHz
  8. Impedance:- 4 Ohms
  9. Sensitivity:- 92 dB
  10. Cone Material:- Polypropylene Cone

2. Pioneer TS-C601IN Separate 2 Way Component Speaker (Black)

Pioneer is pushing quality products into the Indian market for some time and that’s why it has been able to gain so much love from India.

This 2-way Component Speaker is capable of producing powerful bass as well as clear vocal sound. It comes with a separate passive crossover network which helps it to optimize the sound it produces to the maximum. Because of this separate passive crossover network, you’ll be able to listen to the higher-quality sound!

It has a larger Magnet which helps it to produce bigger bass, louder sound, and less distortion.

Pioneer has made this speaker for Indian Climatic conditions and music choice. It has a high rigid IMPP Cone and Polyimide diaphragm to withstand extreme heat.


  1. Model:- TS-C601IN
  2. Weight:- 1.44 Kg
  3. Dimensions:- 34.4 x 17.6 x 9.6 cm
  4. Maximum Power Output:- 380 Watts
  5. Nominal Power Output:- 60 Watts
  6. Impedance:- 4 Ohms
  7. Sensitivity:- 88 dB

Installation Information:-

  1. Cutout Hole:- 128mm
  2. Dimensions (Dia x Depth):- φ159 x 68 mm
  3. Mounting Depth:- 53 mm

3. JBL CX-S697 Car Speakers

Here we’re again talking about one more JBL car speaker under 5000!

This car speaker by JBL produces a maximum power output of 400 Watts which is 100 Watts less than our #1 in the list. This speaker belongs to the JBL GTO series.

It has a Nominal Power Output of 100 Watts RMS and is capable of producing quite a powerful bass as well as a clear sound, which every music listener wants.

For this price segment, this is one of the best speakers available in the Indian market!


  1. Model:- CX-S697
  2. Weight:- 3.2 KG
  3. Dimensions:- 42.8 x 30.1 x 13.4 cm
  4. Maximum Power Output:- 400 Watts
  5. Nominal Power Output:- 100 Watts RMS
  6. Series:- JBL GTO Series
  7. Frequency Response:- 40 Hz – 21 kHz

4. Blaupunkt Pure Component 66.2C Component Speaker (Black)

Blaupunkt is a globally renowned brand and one of the top-rated in India!

This is a 2-way Component Speaker System by Blaupunkt with a maximum power output of 320 Watts. These car speakers by Blaupunkt can deliver a nominal power output of 45 Watts.

The magnets used in these speakers use EXP design which helps to produce sound and bass with minimum distortion. One of the good things about this speaker system is that it comes with its own mounting hardware. So, you’ll not have to spend money on mounting hardware separately and the speakers are also going to fit properly!

How cool is that?


  1. Model:- Pure Component 66.2C
  2. Weight:- 2 Kg
  3. Dimensions:- 17 x 17 x 8 cm
  4. Maximum Power Output:- 320 Watts
  5. Nominal Power Output:- 45 Watts
  6. Speaker size:- 165 mm/ 6.5″
  7. Installation Depth:- 64 mm / 2.52”
  8. Magnets with EXP design for minimum distortions

5. JBL GTO609C High-Fidelity Component Speaker System (Black)

Now, here you might not agree with this list as this High Fidelity Car Speaker by JBL doesn’t come under 5000. It cost a little more than 5000 INR. But, if you are ready to spend a little more then this is surely one of the best car speakers that you can get in this price segment!

This speaker has been placed at the last number in this list only because of its price. Also, JBL GTO609C is ranked number 1 in the list of Best Car Speakers under 10000 in India on BestCarDecor!

This speaker belongs to the GTO series by JBL and can give you a more fuller sound experience that you every music listener craves for!

JBL GTO609C comes with an Advanced Non-Magnetic FRP Frames and is a 2-way Speaker. It is capable of generating a Maximum Power Output of 270 Watts and the nominal that you’ll get is 75 Watts RMS.

This speaker comes with Carbon Injected Plus One Cones which uses patented Plus One Woofer-Cone Technology. Because of this, the speakers are able to radiate more air, produce high-quality sound along with deeper bass and with minimum distortions!


  1. Model Name:- GTO609C
  2. Weight:- 898 grams
  3. Dimensions:- 16 x 16 x 16 cm
  4. Maximum Power Output:- 270 Watts
  5. Nominal Power Output:- 75 Watts RMS
  6. Frequency Response:- 67 Hz – 21 kHz
  7. Nominal Impedance:- 3 ohms
  8. Sensitivity:- (2.83V/1m) 92dB
  9. External Diameter:- 6-7/8 inches
  10. Mounting Depth:- 2-1/16 inches

So, did you find your best cheap car speaker? Do let us know about your choice in the comment section below.

Also, do share your favorite car music system as good sound can only be achieved with a combination of a good stereo and speaker system!

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