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When it comes to Car Air Fresheners in India every car owner has their own favorite brands and products. But, the crucial thing to notice here is that we all need it, otherwise the car starts to smell really bad and no one wants to experience this for sure. So, if you were searching to buy the Best Car Perfumes in India then you have landed on the right page!

The market is full of air fresheners and that too of different kinds. But, this page only talks about the 5 Best Car Perfumes to help you select the best one easily. Also, this list doesn’t include products of only one kind like hanging air freshener, AC Vent perfumes, etc. The list contains different kinds of car air fresheners and they are listed here on this page on the basis of their fragrance, life, effectiveness, etc.

Best Car Perfumes in India

Best Car Air Freshener Brands:- Godrej aer, Involve Your Senses, My Shaldan, Ambi Pur, Airwick, Volcano AirFresh, etc.

Before we jump to the list, please understand that this list of car perfumes represents our views, internet search, and personal experience.

These are the 5 Best Car Perfumes in India:-

1. Godrej aer twist

This is one of the most favorite brands of Indians when it comes to the Gel based car air fresheners. Godrej aer Twist can keep your car smell-free for up to 60 days.

The thing or feature which makes it unique and stand out of the competition is that it comes with an easy to twist mechanism. With the help of this twist feature, you can easily control the intensity of the fragrance in your car. Sometimes, it becomes really handy especially when we need to take our grandparents with us.

Unlike so many products available in the market, it will look great sitting on your dashboard. So, if you were concerned about it then don’t be!

The gel in the container is spill-proof and uses Clever Gel Technology. Sounds like Godrej aer was able to figure out everything about this product and that’s why this product has become favorite of thousands of car owners!

If you would like to hide it or don’t want to put it on the dashboard then you can also put it in your car’s Cup Holder!

How cool is that?

Coming to the most important point, the Fragrance! It comes in a total of 8 Fragrance variants. Speaking from personal experience, I have never got bored of this car perfume! It smells great and is quite effective even in SUVs.

How to use:- To use it, you need to first peel off the seal from the Gel. Then, close the aer Twist/cap that comes with this product. After that, you’ll have to remove the sticker from the bottom of the container and put it at the dashboard (in case you want to put it there). If you want to put it in the cup-holder then no need to peel off the sticker from the bottom.

Available Fragrance variants:- Fresh Lush Green, Petal Crush Pink, Cool Surf Blue, Musk After Smoke, Bright Tangy Delight, Rich Irish Cocktail, Sunny Citrus Blast, and Fresh Forest Drizzle.

2. Involve Your Senses

This is a 100% leak-proof car air freshener that can last about 60 days. The fragrance is just amazing and strong enough to work even in SUVs.

Involve Your Senses has earned its name in the industry by pushing quality products in the market. Involve ONE Musk is a ‘Made in India’ product and you can also use it in your home or at your office to freshen up the air inside!

If you are concerned about the Ammonia contents in this car perfume then don’t be as it doesn’t contain any Ammonia.

One thing to keep in mind about this air freshener is that it is not water-resistant. It will lose its fragrance if it comes in contact with water.

You’ll also receive a 3M double-sided tape to stick it on the dashboard. It also doesn’t require any kind of assembling. To use it, all you need to do is to take it out of the box, remove its seal, and use the double-sided tape to fix it on the dashboard and that’s all!

This is easy, right?

For those who like to have more control over the aroma evaporation inside their car, it comes with slide-able vented lid. So, just by sliding the lid you can control the aroma evaporation inside your car.

Also, it can easily fit inside the car’s cup holder! So, you can also hide it or put it there in case you don’t want to put it on the car’s dashboard.

How to use:- You first need to remove the seal from the top and then put the slider lid on. After that, peel off the sticker from the 3M double-sided tape that comes in the box and stick it at the bottom of the container. Then, put it at the dashboard of your car or you can simply put it in the cup-holder, and there you won’t even need to use the 3M tape.

Available Fragrance variants:- Musk, Citrus, Spark, Splash, French Wood, Classic, Lime, Hype, Snow Fall, and Mojito Lemon.

3. My ShaldanMy Shaldan Orange Car Air Freshener

I think this product is listed at someplace on almost all the lists that talk about the best car perfumes in India!

It is certainly one of the best and most sold car air fresheners because of its quality and soothing fragrance.

The aroma of this air freshener is so good that you can use it in your car as well as at your home or office. It can last up to 60 days like most of its competitors.

My Shaldan is a Japanese company which came into existence in 1948. The company has been into business for more than 70 years and has earned its name globally!

Talking about this car freshener specifically, then the company says that the main ingredient in this air freshener is limonene or Orange oil. The Orange oil is extracted from the peel of orange through a unique cold-pressing technique.

The aroma of this freshener feels so fresh because it contains orange oil extracted from more than 500 orange peels. This is also one of the reasons because of which it can last longer!

You can stick My Shaldan Car Air Freshener on the dashboard or you can also put it in the cup-holder. To add some humor, I have seen people so in love with this product that they even use this product in their bathrooms. So, you can understand by yourself how good the aroma of this air perfume is!

Further, the build quality of this product is fantastic and it comes in a can-type container.

How to use:- To use the product, you will have to first remove the seal from the product. Then, put the outer cap/lid on top of it. Lastly, either stick it on your car’s dashboard or put it in the cup-holder. It works perfectly from both locations.

Available Fragrance variants:- Orange, Lemon, Lime, Squash, and varieties of combo packs.

4. Ambi Pur

Now, this car perfume is a little different as it doesn’t require to be taped at the car’s dashboard. Instead, it mounts on the car’s AC-vents. It is an ideal replacement for those people who don’t want traditional, gel or musk based car air fresheners.

This car air freshener can be really very efficient even in SUVs as its soothing aroma can be scattered in the car within a few moments by using the car’s AC or fans.

It is extremely easy to control because it comes with an easy to use aroma control lid. You can set the lid as per your choice or to control the intensity of fragrance inside your car. You can adjust the lid from 1 to 5, 1 being the mildest and 5 the strongest.

It doesn’t last much longer especially when it is compared with its competitors. You’ll be able to enjoy its fragrance for up to 45 days.

The build quality is great and the vent mount also works pretty well! The AC vent mount holder has quite a sturdy grip and it won’t fall off even in the bumpy rides!

To save up some money, you can also order the refill pack and use your old AC vent mount. As you’ll be able to save up some money on the mount, so you can use that money to try other fragrances by Ambi Pur!

Interesting, isn’t?

How to use:- First of all, remove the seal from the fragrance container and put it into the fragrance controller. Then, you’ll have to fit the controller on the AC vent of your car. Lastly, you can also set the fragrance intensity as per your mood or choice, and you’re good to go!

Available Fragrance variants:- Sweet Citrus and Zest, Aqua, Exotic Jasmine, Lavender Spa, Tobacco, and Vanilla Bouquet.

5. Godrej aer Click

Here comes one more product by Godrej aer on our list! This is one of the best car air fresheners in India and the cheapest as well!

It is one of the most stylish looking air fresheners available in the Indian market!

Godrej aer Click also mounts on the car’s AC vents and comes with an easy to use one-click on/off button. The aer Click grabs quite a sturdy hold of the AC vents and prevents the Gel from spilling!

It comes with Clever Gel Technology which makes it spill-proof. So, you need not worry about it even on the bumpy roads!

The AC vent mount can be re-used, and you can easily order a refill of the fragrance gel. So, you can save some money this way.

The refilling process is also not very hard as all you need to do is to pull the aer Click out of the AC vent first. Then, open the flap and replace the old gel container with the new one. After replacing the old gel container close the flap and put it back on the AC vent. Be sure to press the button on the top to turn it on, otherwise, it won’t work.

Coming to its life, it can keep your car smell free for up to 60 days. Just like most of its competitors!

It comes in a total of 6 fragrance options and all are really good. So, you have plenty of fragrances to choose from.

How to use:- Peel off the seal from the fragrance gel container first. Then, put it inside the aer click and close the flap. After that, place it your car’s AC vents and turn it on by pressing the button on top of it. Enjoy!

Available Fragrance variants:- Cool Surf Blue, Musk After Smoke, Petal Crush Pink, Fresh Lush Green, Bright Tangy Delight, and Rich Irish Cocktail.

So, this is our list of the best car perfumes in India! Did you find your favorite perfume from this list?

We tried to share short product reviews with you so that you can have a better idea about these products. We hope you have found the information provided here on this page as useful.

Do share your favorite air fresheners with us and our visitors by using the comment box below. Also, please let us know if we have made any mistakes anywhere on this page. It’ll be appreciated and really very helpful for us!

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