Apple won’t use third-gen components for Keyboard Service Program

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Last month, Apple launched the Keyboard Service Program for older MacBook and MacBook Pro Models after receiving multiple complains regarding the faulty keyboards. Now, Apple has given clarification that faulty MacBook Pro keyboards won’t get third-gen components.

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The third-gen keyboards are definitely quieter and exclusive to the 2018 MacBook Pro models. The tech giant won’t use it to swap out with the faulty keyboards of older MacBook. Apple said that if you are planning to bring your MacBook Pro in for repair then don’t expect to get latest third-gen hardware.

Keyboard Service Program was launched when some older machines’ keyboards started to malfunction. Few MacBooks were reported to be having keys that are sticky. Some letters would repeat too many times after pressing the button only once or the keys didn’t function at all.

The good thing about Apple’s Keyboard Service Program is that it’s free. After examination of the faulty keyboards, one or more keys might be replaced or they might replace the whole keyboard.

The third-gen keyboards installed in 2018 MacBook Pro models have a thin silicon slip under every key. However, as of now, it is not clear that whether the silicon slip has been used to repel the dust or to make the typing quieter, as Apple hasn’t given any clarification on this keyboard update yet. But we can surely hope that the new third-gen keyboards will be reliable when compared to the older keyboards installed in their older machines.

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