Amazon adds a new feature ‘Alexa Announcements’ to its assistant

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Seems like Amazon is on fire these days, as the company has been adding new features to its assistant Alexa on an impressive rate. Few days ago, Amazon announced that the users can now voice command Alexa to donate to supported charity using their Amazon Pay balance and now they are in the news again for a newly launched feature Alexa Announcements.

Amazon Alexa Echo

If you have been using more than one Echo speakers in your house and you would like it to announce a message for you, then it has come to reality already.

To use the feature of announcements, you need to say something like “Alexa, broadcast, ..(your message)” and then Alexa will announce your message to all other Echo speakers scattered all over your house.

You can use this One-way broadcasting feature to call your children sitting or playing in their room or for some similar purpose. Alexa Announcements had started to roll in the States and Canada from yesterday and is expected to roll out globally soon.

The newly launched feature, Alexa Announcements is supported on all Echo devices, namely, Echo, Echo Plus, Echo Dot, Echo Show, Echo Spot, and Echo Look.

Stay tuned for more such tech updates.